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Grateful for a professional and compassionate team!

My husband and I are truly grateful for Jason and Jeanie Bussell for their professional, knowledgable and compassionate care. They have come alongside us in our infertility journey and we feel supported by them. With acupuncture and medical interventions, we were able to have our first daughter! In addition to their expertise in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, they have given us helpful advice on supplements and dietary changes that promote health. Thank you, Jason and Jeanie!  Karen C.  1/13/2015

Just makes my life better

I've been seeing Doctor Jason and Jeanie at ACFOM for well over a decade now and for very different types of treatment. From the occasional pinched nerve that needed loosening, to smoking cessation, mental focus, and to some recent dietary issues, I have always found my visits effective as well as relaxing. Like any good doctors, it helps to be as specific as possible with Jason and Jeanie about what ails you. The more information they have about you and your lifestyle, the better your treatment will be. Besides the success their treatments have had with me, I have also heard amazing stories from many of their other patients while sitting in their quaint and relaxing waiting room - patients with far more serious ailments than myself. And, as a teacher, I am always intrigued by hearing the research Doctor Jason has found and cases he has had helping with not only mental focus but with retention as well. As a matter of fact, since I've been going here for acupuncture and herbal treatments, I've come to respect not only Asian medicine and diet, but holistic medicine in general. When I switched insurance recently and had to find a new PCP, I specifically looked for one who treats the whole self and recommends treatment like acupuncture before prescriptions. I can't recommend their treatment enough. It seems that no matter the issue I am having, I am in incredibly good care with the folks at ACFOM. Thank you!  - Christopher M.  1/5/2015

Four and half years of success

Accupuncture is an important part of my week for keeping me healthy. Started seeing Jason for allergies and the process worked out really well. Also, it helps with stress reduction.  Devon P  1/4/2015


After one month of weekly sessions, several of my issues were cured and others significantly eased. Jason's knowledge and friendly disposition immediately put my mind at ease and I was able to fully embrace the healing effects of the practice. I recommend stopping by the center for a cup of tea and chat with Jason anytime.  -Jennifer D.  12/29/2014.     *

Trustworthy & effective

I drive all the way from the west loop to go to ACFOM. They have a great bedside manner & want to help you in anyway they can. Jason will ask you a lot of questions about your health just to make sure he's getting the full picture before he begins treatment. I highly recommend them - no matter where you live!  -Kathy M 12/27/2014

- Kathy M. 12/27/2014

Top notch professionals

ACFOM is a first rate, surprisingly polished, team of professionals who know their stuff and deliver results.  I had an arthritic knee that defied traditional medical treatment.  After a few weeks at ACFOM my "good" knee hurt more than my treat, arthritic knee.  It has stood up to the rigos of travel- foreign and domestic; and with a bit of maintenance, continues to function well.  Kudos to Dr. Jason Bussell.  -Sam F 12/20/2104

Say yes to acupuncture !

I started to go to the Center for Oriental Medicine because I didn't like the idea of being on antacids for years or forever for Barrett's esophagus. With the aid of acupuncture and Chinese herbs I no longer have that problem. My conventional doctor was actually a little annoyed that I wasn't doing the "standard of care" but when I said it works there was nothing left to say. I continue to go to the center because I believe it is helpful for my other issues. Jason takes the time to talk to you and find out about the problem. I highly recommend the center and acupuncture.  - Lynn D.  12/18/2014


A Center for Oriental...

I have had severe back issues for years and started to see Jason at A Center for years and started to see Jason at A Center for Oriental Medicine almost 3 years ago.  My back problems are now under control.  I recently had some facial nerve issues, and Jason helped me with that also.  He is extremely qualified and professional as well as having a very calming influence.  I can't recommend him highly enough.  -  Willie D 12/9/2014

Relief for rheumatoid arthritis

I've been suffering from RA for the past seven years. In September I started weekly appointments with A Center for Oriental Medicine and have experience excellent results. The RA had started to spread into my spine in early 2014 and the pain is now gone completely. My hands/feet/arms are still problematic but overall my health and functionality have improved greatly and my stress levels have been reduced since starting acupuncture. I highly recommend A Center for Oriental Medicine.  - Nicole S.  12/8/2014


Jason and Jeanie Bussell are true professionals. They are experts when it comes to chinese medicine/nutrition. The environment too is very soothing. Just stepping into their office takes a notch or two off of my stress levels. They are also reasonable and don't expect you to make changes that you aren't ready for, but give you tips on how to make slow and steady alterations(that work by the way, when you follow them!) They spend time talking to you and I never feel rushed. Overall, I find acupuncture relaxing and I feel very welcomed by the Bussell's!  - Alexa B 12/7/2014! 

- Alexa B. 12/7/2014   *

Truly helpful

I always feel better after acupuncture treatments. The rooms are soothing and comfortable. I started going for hip pain, now I find myself mentioning other ailments as the come up. I feel as though Jason really wants to help you feel better. He asks every appointment if there is anything else that is bothering me - Barri G.  12/5/2014-

Rheumatoid Arthritis
I was recently diagnosed with RA and I decided to take a natural approach given the side effects of the medications available and I am glad I did. I couldn't make a fist with my hands and after a couple weeks of going I have more movement in my hands than I could have expected. I still have problems, but they are manageable since going for acupuncture.  -Sandy R.

Hip pain
I always feel better after acupuncture treatments.  The rooms are soothing and comfortable.  I started going for hip pain, now I find myself mentioning other ailments as they come up.  I feel as though Jason really wants to help you feel better.  He always asks if there is anything else that is bothering me.   They are truly helpful.   -Barry G

A Center for Oriental Medicine is a very special place. I was referred to Jeanie years ago when I was struggling with infertility. She as an extreme gift for healing the female body. I saw so much improvement in my body, I truly attest the success of my pregnancies to my appointments with Jeanie and the healing of my body and health through her techniques. I still continue my sessions with her for mood improvement, sleep issues, and headaches, all of which she is able to work with me and my body on improving.  -B.C.

I have been receiving treatment from A Center for Oriental Medicine for a few months for fertility treatment. At our initial consultation Jason and Jeanie created a customized treatment plan for my husband and myself based on our unique situation. They are both extremely caring and have taken an active interest in helping my husband and I conceive. My husbands sperm counts have tripled from our initial visit and my hormones have regulated. I have also experienced additional unexpected health benefits from the acupuncture and dietary recommendations! I would highly recommend A Center for Oriental Medicine for anyone experiencing infertility or looking for alternative treatment for medical conditions.  -Trisha B

I was referred to Jeanie for acupuncture a few years back. I was attempting to conceive a child and ran into significant challenges.  Today I am a mother. I give Jeanie significant credit in helping me find my way to motherhood. My journey to motherhood included many painful days. Her genuine care and willingness to listen and understand my personal situation is what enabled her to successfully treat me. I have honestly never met someone of such an appropriate mix of compassion and wisdom. I felt safe and understood with Jeannie. With Jeanie you feel valued and respected. Her recommendations were based on what was best for my journey and never driven by any gain for her other than the satisfaction of helping me. She not only treats your medical needs but also your spiritual needs. I can never thank Jeanie enough for her treatment and care.”  -Katie M. 

Macular Degeneration
Dear Mr. Bussell,

You asked me to write you about my experience with the appliance that provides electrical stimulation to my eyes called Microstim 100 iLE.  I began using the appliance in November 2006...I have used it faithfully once every day since then.

When I began the treatment, my eyes had progressed to a point where the opthalmologist could not prescribe stronger glasses, or different lenses, that would improve my vision.

In January, I had my usual visit (every 4 months) and she said she could give me a new prescription that would help me.  I have other eye problems, notably glaucoma in both eyes and a small cataract in one eye. 

The important thing to me is that my eyes have not lone not degenerated, they have improved somewhat.

I am 83 years old and still driving (in fact the doctor told me I could drive at night which previously had been forbidden).

-Betty Lou E.

Foot Pain
I came to ACFOM as a deliberate choice for treatment of a foot condition that had been diagnosed and re-diagnosed by several doctors, who identified and then revised their theories about the condition - gout, sprain, arthritis, plantar fasciitis - and finally they recommended I go to see a pain specialist. The condition at the time was expressed not only by stiffness, soreness, and swelling, but also by painful sensitivity to touch - even the contact of a bed sheet was scarcely bearable. I could not go to my office for nearly half the workdays over a period of a month and was having trouble sleeping, and the whole affair had me quite depressed.

Instead of seeing the pain specialist at the hospital, I decided to try a different option. You became my pain specialist. The choice was significant for me especially because - as you soon became aware - I was not well-behaved in the presence of needles. You described the course of treatment and the timing and expected outcomes. We agreed on a series of ten sessions over a period of several weeks. The pain began to diminish before we were halfway through. By the end of the series, I still had a somewhat sore foot but the pain was gone. I was fully functional at work and was able to return to my fitness schedule.

That was not the only benefit of the experience. I came to value my sessions with you for the sense of peace and well-being I experienced at ACFOM. I delighted in your droll humor and your commentaries about acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and life in general. I loved the rooms, the cleanliness, the sound of the wood doors sliding, the calm, and then the dark and the quiet, and the tea graciously offered at the session's end. I always had something to take home and think about after our sessions. I became more mindful of the need for balance in all the activities of my life - diet, breathing, interaction with others, my behavior at work, the general pacing of things. The measure of the whole effect of the treatments - to me - is that I feel conscious every day of the experience at ACFOM . . . always in a good way. -Bob W.

I'm a Mommie! I thank you both so much for helping me out. I'm sorry I didn't call sooner and let you know. But the pregnancy was great.   -Debbie B.

I had previously tried acupuncture for fertility with another practitioner without success. Jeanie keeps up to date on research and tried many novel techniques with me. I am now quite pregnant and only have the best things to say about Jeanie.  -Debbie T.

Back Pain
During our vacation in summer 2004, I injured my back. I was in very bad shape; the pain was unbearable, couldn't sit at all, so to fly home from our vacation was a very big challenge. Luckily for me, A Center for Oriental Medicine had opened in Wilmette and, without any hesitation, I went there to look for help. Right away, Jason made me feel at ease and I started a course of treatment. I feel great now, but will remember forever how much care, kindness, patience, and knowledge I received from Jason. My husband and I are grateful forever. Natalia S.  

Wrist pain
My Wrist feels fine now.  No more pain.  -Valerie S.  

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
I have had no recurrence since my treatment.  My wrist remains pain-free.  -Kathleen A.

Neck pain and irregular periods
I was so grateful for the healing of my neck and my cycle. I'm happy to report that both are on track and that I feel great.  -Jenny F.

I've been going to Jason for maybe two years now. Originally went to help alleviate recurring headaches, as those subsided I continued to return in regular intervals to help maintain balance throughout the year. The initial assessment period helped identify areas of treatment and the continued follow-ups have allowed for treatment of periodic or acute ailments. The environment is simple, clean and quiet. The experience itself is similar. Jason follows a straightforward predictable approach and I always leave in better shape than when I arrived.  -Mike G.

I definitely feel a lot less stress, and now I have no more headaches.  Solana V.  

I used to get migraines several times a month.  After my first session with Jason, the frequency and intensity of my headaches began to diminish.  After a few weeks I was headache free and off the medication I had been using for years.  After my headaches resolved, Jeanie and Jason helped boost my fertility and we soon conceived our child.  I didn't think anything would be able to help me, but now I am a believer in acupuncture. -D. W. 

Ankle pain
I came in with a twisted, swollen ankle. An hour later, it had improved as much as it had over 3 weeks without treatment. -Lucky G.


The ultimate place to find peace and tranquility
If you are looking for a truly holistic approach to any ailments that you may have, look no further. They listen to all your concerns and then spring into action to ensure all your concerns are addressed, all in a calm and soothing atmosphere. I highly recommend A Center for Oriental Medicine if you are in need of healing the mind, body, and soul.  -Alex D.

Your service is excellent and the office is an oasis of calm and serenity. Jason is very attentive and professional and explains his methods and goals. I've enjoyed it very much.    -May T.

Very calming atmosphere and inviting, You're doing great job.   -Barbara M.

My condition has improved.  You are very professional.  -Ed S.

The office is comfortable, professional, and conducive to healing. I liked that when I was being treated it was quiet and there were not other patients being shuttled around. I felt that my comfort and privacy were respected. You guys are great!! -A.W.

I always found the facility especially warm and inviting, I felt comfortable and well taken care of and very relaxed when I left. Thank you for taking such good card of me. Also, I love the bell; you never fell left alone.  (Patients are given a bell to ring in case they need to call a practitioner while the needles are in.)  -Tracey S.

 Jason and Jeanie provide a very welcoming, nurturing atmosphere at the center that facilitates relaxation and healing. They provide their services very graciously with attention to detail in the environment as well as their services.; Their professional services are very competently provided in a very hospitable manner. In other words, each person is treated with great respect and care.  -Kay F.

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The address for A Center for Oriental Medicine is 415 1/2 Fourth Street, Wilmette, Illinois 60091. The Phone number is 847-251-5225 and the fax number is 847-251-5456.