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  • Jason Bussell returns to A Center for Oriental Medicine after completing a post-doctoral fellowship in the Integrative Medicine service of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center   

  • Jeanie Bussell teaches the national association of nurse midwives about using acupuncture in labor and delivery at their Annual conference

  • Jason Bussell completed a dual Master's of Public Health and Master's of Business Administration at Johns Hopkins University  

  • Jeanie Bussell is awarded her PhD from the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, July 2015

  • New research published by Dr. Jason Bussell- A review of the recent research regarding acupuncture and anxietyThere is ever more evidence that shows acupuncture can effectively reduce anxiety.  And it is much safer than medication

  • Dr. Jason Bussell's groundbreaking research article published in the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies
    JAMS is a top-tier acupuncture journal,recognized by the National Institute of Health.  In this study, Dr. Bussell clinically proved that his technique improves test performance, improves memory, and reduces anxiety.  Click here to read a summary of the study and its findings.  Read the full study here. 

  • The Asian Diet has been named a Best Diet by US News and World Report 

    The health writers and experts at US News and World Report evaluated my book and other sources and concluded that a Traditional Asian Diet, as is described in my book, is good for weight loss, nutrition, diabetes, cardiovascular health, taste, and won't leave you hungry.  See the full review at

  • Acupuncture improves memory and test-taking
    In his research, Dr. Jason Bussell PhD developed a technique that has been clinically proven to improve memory, test-taking, and reduce anxiety. 

  • Congratulations to Jason Bussell for becoming the first American to earn an internationally-recognized PhD in Acupuncture from the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine!  In his research, Jason developed a technique that has proven to improve memory and test performance; and it reduces anxiety. 

  • Jason Bussell presented information from The Asian Diet at the Jerusalem International Integrative Medical Conference.  You can view the presentation (part one) here and (part two) here

Recent interviews with Jason about The Asian Diet

  • Sacred Light Wisdom talk radio program with Settie Nave, live on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio, 7th Wave Network.  September 21st at 9am Central time.

  • Jason and Jeanie Bussell have recently become two of the first Americans ever accepted to the PhD program in Acupuncture at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (GUCM); one of the most prestigious Chinese Medical Schools in the world.  GUCM's website has a photo of them taking the entrance exam here.  They will still be practicing in Wilmette and Chicago. 

  • Balance Magazine ran an article summarizing The Asian Diet in their Fall 2009 issue.  Look for it in bookstores and newsstands, or visit

  • Inspired Parenting Radio Network's Sandie Sedgbeer interviewed Jason Bussell for an hour about The Asian Diet.  The podcast can be heard here.  After it airs, it will be archived and available by searching for COSMIKIDS’ INSPIRED PARENTING SHOW. 

  • Jeanie Bussell was interviewed and highlighted in Today's Chicago Woman Magazine, July 09 issue.  Click here to view the article.
  • Balanced Life Magazine just published an article by Jason Bussell summarizing the main points of the Asian Diet.  It's on page 10 and 11 of the June/July issue of 2009.  You can go to for the whole 44-page issue, or click here to view the file.  The Article also appeared in Healing Path Magazine.  Click here to read
  • Jason's book, The Asian Diet: Simple secrets for eating right, losing weight, and being well is out!  You may order copies at Findhorn Press,, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Tower Books, and many other retailers, and it is available at A Center for Oriental Medicine.   Go to for more information.   
  • Congratulations to Jason Bussell for being appointed by the Illinois State Government to serve on the Acupuncture Board for the Department of Professional Regulation.  He will be stepping down from his role as President of the Illinois Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, but will remain on the Board of Directors for the time being. 
  • Jason Bussell was recently interviewed for two articles printed in the National.  Click here and here to read them. 
  • Jeanie has been named Director of Acupuncture and Oriental Medical Services for the Tiffani Kim Institute.  She still practices in Wilmette, but is also available to help patients downtown Chicago.  Go to to learn more about the services offered. 
  • Jeanie's book is out!  Fully Fertile:  a 12-week holistic guide for optimal fertility published by Findhorn Press is now available at Barnes and Noble, Borders Books, and
  • Jeanie was interviewed for Today's Chicago Woman and her new work with the Tiffany Kim Institute, where she is the new Director of Oriental Medicine Services.  Don't worry, she still works in Wilmette too.  Click here to read the glowing article.
  • The Winter 2006 edition of Fertility Nurses First, a newsletter dedicated to all nurses working in the field of reproductive medicine, features an article entitled "Acupuncture and Fertility" written by Jeanie and Jason Bussell.  Click here to view the article. 
  • Jeanie Lee Bussell and her work with Women's Health, have recently been featured on the ABC Chicago Evening News, Fox Thing in the Morning, and The CBS Nationwide Evening News.

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